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General School Rules

Observance of the following is compulsory for all students and deviations will lead to disciplinary action:

  • Students must wear their Identity cards during school hours.
  • Students who come to school by their own conveyance should reach school 10 minutes before the bell rings.
  • The school uniform worn by the students should be immaculate, clean and should be worn on all working days.
  • In winters, School jacket/Blazer is compulsory.
  • Boys should have neatly trimmed hair and girls should either have short hair /hair tied in plaits.
  • The hemline of the skirt worn by girl students should touch the knees.
  • Special care must be taken of all the school property. Do not litter. Use garbage bins. Do not scratch or spoil the desks, chairs and charts paper or damage the  school furniture .
  • Students are expected to carry books and notebooks in strict accordance with the time table and refrain from bringing unnecessary material to school.
  • Students are prohibited from bringing any storage devices like floppies, pen drives, i-pods, i-pads or Tablets, not relevant to academic pursuits.
  • Bringing mobile phones and cameras to school is not permitted.
  • In the interest of their own security, students are advised not to buy or receive any articles, gifts or foodstuffs from anyone at all end route.
  • Exploding crackers on any occasion or splashing colours during Holi in the school premises or in the school bus is strictly forbidden.
  • The school is committed to protecting the environment and expects its students to be environment friendly in all their actions. The use of polybags (plastic bags) is, therefore, prohibited in the school and students should consciously avoid their use for any purpose.
  • Students from classes VI - XII should refrain from the celebration of  their birthdays  in school, by distributing invitation cards or gifts although, they can distribute only sweets or chocolates..
  • Students are strictly prohibited from commuting to school on cycles till Class V or self-driven two/four-wheelers till Class XII. Any violation of this rule will result in disciplinary action .
  • In case a student misses out to bring tiffin to school, the parents are requested not to bring the tiffin to school themselves or send it through someone. Instead, they should intimate the same to School office before it is time for recess.
  • Students must move in an orderly manner while they are moving from one place to another in the school premises.
  • Students are allowed to use the school canteen during the break time only.

Disciplinary Measures

The following disciplinary measures may be adopted by the school in dealing with students behaving in an unruly manner–

  • Oral warning and counselling
  • Written warning
  • Detention during the break, or for the whole day
  • Suspension (ranging from 7 days to 30 days)
  • Withdrawal of transport facility for misbehaviour in the school bus. In such cases, parents will be responsible for their wards to commute to school.
  • It is expected from each STUDENT that they maintain a very cordial relation with the teaching/nonteaching/housekeeping/transport staff of the school. Students are not expected to get into arguments with the staff.
  • In case of complaints, they must approach the concerned Co-ordinator or to Principal of the School.
  • Misbehaving in class with peers/teachers may result in disciplinary action.
  • Students found in possession of i-pods, cameras, mobile phones will lead to heavy fine apart from suspension from school for a week.
  • Students are not allowed to bring any weapons or sharp instruments, such as blades, knives, paper-scalpels, scissors etc., to school.
  • Students are forbidden from bringing any cosmetics, combs, perfumes, deodorants, etc., to school.

SCHOOL UNIFORM RULES : Personal grooming

  • Uniform should be worn tidily and correctly both at school and between home and school. The full school uniform must always be worn . Shirts are to be tucked in; socks are to be pulled up; heel straps in place. Where a situation arises concerning a student’s uniform, written requests for temporary wearing of non-regulation items must be referred to the Principal and concern Class Teacher
  • Students are to be clean-shaven at all times while representing the school.
  • No visible jewellery is to be worn. Jewellery of religious or  cultural significance may be worn but must be covered at all times.


  • Hair must be kept neat and tidy at all times.
  • Fancy hair styling, tinting, dyeing, highlighting and bleaching of hair are strictly not allowed for all students.

For Boys

  • Male students must be neat in appearance and clean-shaven at all times. No facial hair is allowed.
  • Hair must not touch the collar and must be sloped at the sides and rear. No sideburns and ducktails are allowed. The fringe must be above the eyebrows and should not be spiky. Hair when combed down should not touch the eyebrows or/and the ears.
  • Hair must not be permed.

For Girls

  • Female students must be neat in appearance at all times.
  • Long hair must be neatly tied up with simple black ribbons, hair bands and/or hair clips. Hair touching the shoulders.
  • Fringes must be above the eyebrows or pinned with black clips must be neatly tied at all times behind the ears.


  • Students are expected to reach school 10 minutes before the start of the school. Students arriving late will not be allowed to enter the school premises without a plausible explanation.

Basic Classroom Rules :

  • Be in your assigned seat/location, ready to work when the school bell rings.
  • Bring paper, pencils, books and all necessary supplies everyday.
  • Keep hands, feet, body, objects to yourself (HFBO).
  • Follow Directions given by Teachers.
  • Respect others. Swearing, rude gestures, cruel teasing or put-downs are prohibited. 


  • Students who do not avail school transport should report 10 minutes before the school commences.
  • Parents/Guardians of students who do not avail school transport should present themselves at the school gate 15 minutes after the start of dispersal of the school to collect their wards.
  • If, due to certain exigencies, a student has to leave the school campus during school hours, the following rules will be observed:
  •    A written request must be submitted by the parent.
  •   The parent’s copy of identity card must be produced.
  •   The School Leaving slip must be signed.
  •   A Permission Slip must be obtained and shown at the school gate before leaving the campus.
  •   Under no circumstance are students allowed to go behind or under the buses parked in the school campus. Students are also not allowed to sit in parked buses during school hours.
  •   Students should not touch the instrument panel or first aid box, or fire extinguisher in buses.
  •   Students must keep all parts of their body inside the bus at all times. They should not put their hands out even for waving.
  •   No item/object should be thrown inside or outside the bus during the journey.The consumption of edibles and any kind of drinks other than water is not permitted in the bus.
  •   Unruly behaviour like shrieking and shouting is strictly prohibited.
  •   Any misbehaviour on part of a student with the bus driver, conductor, bus teacher or another student will be viewed as a grave misdemeanour and lead to suspension from school.
  •   Parents are not allowed to enter the school bus under any circumstances nor is it expected that they should get into an argument with the bus teacher/driver/conductor. Transport facility of the child may be suspended or even cancelled for any such confrontation reported.
  •   The driver’s attention must not be distracted for any reason. The drivers are authorised to stop buses at designated stops only, unless otherwise directed by the bus teacher, after consultation with the Transport In-charge and the Head of School.